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What up dudebros! We’re going the play through D&D 5th Editon’s starter Adventure: Lost Mine of Phandelver

It should be a lot of fun and is recommended by pretty much everyone. It’s a starter adventure that will take us from Level 1 to 5 and although it’s in the beginner box it’s not dumbed down or anything like that, I’m looking forward to it!

The Starter Set has 5 pre-built characters we can use as either starter characters or as design ideas.

A PDF of those characters can be grabbed from here

The Starter Characters/Ideas are:
A Human Fighter of Noble background
A Dwarf Cleric who was Soldier
A Halfling Rogue with Criminal tendencies
A Elf Wizard who is an Acolyte to his cause
And Another Human Fighter who is a Folk Hero to the common people

They all have fun lore built in but I’m not set on using any of them per se, we can use anything out of the full Players Guide, so if you have a really fun idea for a less common Race or Class, feel free!

I’d like us to generate some characters and work them out online here before we begin so that by the time we get to the first play session we can immediately do some adventuring. If you have any questions just let me know and I’m aiming to keep things fast, loose, and fun.

Home Page

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